Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Paradox is Live

It’s release day! Paradox is now live (everywhere except Apple). And as a special thanks to everyone for their support with the Evolution Series, Paradox will be on sale for a limited time at 99cents.

Although I’d planned on having Paradox as a Young Adult series, the following books have taken it into the NA category due to some themes.
I hope everyone enjoys my new series. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Paradox Cover Reveal

I'm so excited to finally show everyone the cover and description for Paradox, the 1st book in my new series that will be released in April.

Never in a million years would I ever fall for the son of a drug lord. Or so I thought until I moved two doors down from Jett.

Zara thought her life was over when she had to move just days before graduation. The situation went from bad to horrible, when she discovers just how cruel the kids at her new school can be.
When Zara is set up by some bullies and almost raped, she somehow gets free, but she’s haunted by the eyes of the one she believes rescued her.
Later, bad boy Jett is only too willing to step in and help. In fact, Zara can’t seem to get rid of him or his family, who all seem to have a strange obsession with her.
Will letting down her guard be one of the biggest mistakes of her life, or is Zara destined to become a part of his life, an existence that no human could ever understand?

Friday, 23 August 2013

I am pleased to announce that Vengeance is now available on iBooks!

I want to thank everyone again for their patience while waiting for Vengeance to go live on Apple. I'm glad it only took 6 days rather than 3 or so weeks that it has taken in the past.

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