Thursday, 10 May 2012

A few days have passed since Evolution was free for a day, and the number of downloads completely exceeded my expectations. The sales have also been steadily growing with each passing day.
I also received my first couple of reviews and they were both five star!!
Now it's time for me to revert my attention back to writing the second instalment in the series, which so far I have 11k words.


  1. Damn I missed that Free promotion, but I put your book on my to read list. It definitely sounds really interesting, and love the cover!! Congratulations on your book and those great reviews. Hope you have many more of those :)

    Following you! Feel free to check out our blog!

    Lily & Erin

  2. Thanks Lily & Erin - I will be holding some more Free promotions in the future + giveaways, which I will announce on my blog prior to the upcoming events. :)

    P.S - I am now following your blog too

  3. Hey how did I miss the promotions? lol
    I love the cover of the book! So pweety!
    The book synopsis is so intriguing. Man, I am going to read it right away.
    Are you holding any book tours soon?
    If you are then don't forget to contact me! I would love to participate in and amazing book like this!
    Books With Marshmallows

  4. Thanks for the compliments Marshiee, it really means alot & I'll be sure to let you know about any future tours.
    Hope you enjoy the book :)

  5. Too bad i missed your book. Well, i did enter the contest Jessica Sorensen is doing for you, if i do not win, i will buy the kindle edition, and will do a review on my blog and at Goodreads. Your book sounds very interesting. Look forward to reading it. I now am following you here, so i can see anything else you do. :) I will get the word out about your book too, i have LOTS of friends at FB i can post to.

  6. Thanks Michelle, I am now following you too : )

  7. It was free? :) I need to put it on my TBR list.