Tuesday, 4 December 2012

General Update

Well it's good news, Amazon have price matched Evolution and is now Free on their US site. The UK store so far have not price matched, but I'm still hoping they will.

Barnes & Nobles downloads for Evolution have been going well considering for the first 2 weeks approximately, there was no book description and when they finally did put one up, it was for someone else's book and it was erotica! Thankfully this didn't change the sales rank too much, and was quickly rectified by B&N with Evolution's actual book description.

I am still waiting for Tormented to be uploaded to Barnes & Noble, which should hopefully not be too much longer as Smashwords shipped it to them almost 2 weeks ago.

I still haven't decided what I am going to do about Apple as I am waiting on the Australia Tax Office (ATO) to provide me written verification about a GST (Goods & Service Tax) issue that I might run into. I'm hoping to have a reply back from the ATO this week so I can finally make my decision on how to publish with Apple.

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