Sunday, 12 October 2014

Contained (Evolution Series Book 5) Chapter 1

Contained (Evolution Series book 5) is due for release next month & as promised below is the first chapter, which will give you a good idea of what the book will be about. Hope you like it! :)

The moment Nathan fell at my feet, a spark of hope lit up my soul. I thought everything was over and I could lead a normal life. But I was wrong. Something far more disturbing was haunting my dreams and I didn’t know what to do.
Fear was gripping my throat and choking me as I watched in horror. It was a vision. A woman stood before a man who was strapped to a chair, paralysed.
His eyes flared with fear, as if he knew he was about to take his last breath and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.
An evil smirk played on her lips as she tilted her head to the side, and a second later, his head twisted unnaturally to the left until I heard a deafening crunch. He’d endured an agonisingly painful death, trapped in his own body, without a fighting chance.
But it wasn’t over. I wanted to look away but it was impossible. I had to continue watching what was about to happen.
The woman walked closer, leaned down, and drew in a deep breath as if she were getting high off his death. A satisfied smile spread across her face. She straightened and got ready for her next move.
Without laying a finger on him, she ripped off his head then placed it in his lap, positioning it so his eyes were staring up to where his head should’ve been.
With a smirk, she turned her back to him and winked at me as if she knew I was watching.
I woke up in a cold sweat. My chest was heaving as adrenalin pumped through my body. I was going to be sick.
Aiden stirred beside me. Not wanting to explain why I was in such a state, I pushed into his mind and made him fall into a deeper sleep as I dashed to the bathroom.
Afraid I wasn’t going to make it in time, I transported the rest of the way, fell to my knees, and lifted the seat just in time. My body convulsed as I emptied my stomach’s contents, the whole time trying to erase the vision that was playing on a loop in my mind. But it was pointless. What I’d seen was etched on my soul. It was something I couldn’t escape, no matter how much I wanted to.
Collapsing against the wall, I curled my knees up to my chin and hugged them tightly as tears streamed down my cheeks. I didn’t know the man in my vision but I knew her. The girl who had just decapitated him... was me.


  1. I cannot wait for this book to come out. I read your first 4 in a matter of days :)

    1. Thanks Kristy! We're getting closer to release - Yay!!

  2. OH MY GOSH. I literally just had a heart attack. Ms. Carrero, I have been obsessed with the Evolution series for a VERRRY long time. I thought it was over with Vengence, but just now checked your blog to see that another book of the series is coming out in four days! I lost all the air in my body! I CANNOT wait, and will be buying it at midnight! Thank you for such amazing books, and I swear I never forget the name Kelly Carrero, or your amazing series. Again, thank you! You're the best author. Oh, and who's the model on the front covers of your books? I absolutely adore her!!

    1. Wow! Thanks so much!! And thanks heaps for reading the series! I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog earlier, but I brought the release forward and Contained is actually now live as of yesterday.
      I'm not sure who the model is on the covers. I found her on a stock image site and thought she was perfect! Wish i did know, though.